#AntiquesRoadshow expert issues warning before uncovering huge valuation of ...

One Antiques Roadshow guest was taken aback by Lennox Cato’s valuation of her miniature bureau. The expert began the valuation by warning he wasn’t interested in her item before revealing a key feature that makes her bureau particularly valuable. However, as the expert revealed how much her item was worth, he offered up some important advice.

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Lennox began: “When I was told I was going to see a bureau it was a slight [groan], ‘Oh no not another bureau’ until I saw this.

“Bureaus are so out of but there are certain things that are in and it’s miniature furniture and this ticks all the boxes. What’s your story about it?”

The owner replied: “The story is my father just after the war used to go up to Lavenham in Suffolk to the antique shops and he bought various bits of furniture and this was one of them and it’s always been in our family.”

“So where do you think this originated from?” Lennox asked.

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Antiques RoadshowAntiques Roadshow: Lennox issued a warning before revealing the bureau's huge valuation (Image: BBC)

Antiques RoadshowAntiques Roadshow: Lennox criticised the item before explaining its valuable characteristic (Image: BBC)

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“Chinese?” The owner guessed before adding: “I have no idea.”

“It’s Dutch and I would date it around 1800,” Lennox revealed. “When you see these big gilt handles which were originally gilded and then you got this bomb effect.

“When we open it up, we pull these out. These are called loppers and you can see the colours which it was originally retaining.”

The owner gasped as Lennox

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