Special Jamie and Brianna Fraser moment created for #Outlander revealed

What fans of the Outlander novels may not know is that author Diana Gabaldon, who wrote season five, episode 11, Journeycake, created it especially for the Starz series. The moment does not feature in the books but writers needed to weave in Brianna’s (played by Sophie Skelton) link to her brother William somehow, and Diana was given the chance to decide how that would happen. The author has since explained she was thrilled to be given that opportunity as she detailed how it was decided which episode she would write.

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Fans will remember Jamie (Sam Heughan) sat his daughter down, not long before she was due to travel forward in time to the future, to explain she had other family.

The highlander wanted his daughter to know about her half-brother William (Oliver Finnegan) and how he was conceived (sort of).

Brianna was shocked as Jamie detailed her brother was set to become the Earl of Ellesmere, which was why Lord John Grey (David Berry) was returning to England.

Lord John was William’s adoptive father and wanted to help him learn how to fulfil his role of Earl.

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Brianna and Jamie Fraser looking at each otherOutlander season 6: Jamie and Brianna Fraser moment created for the show revealed (Image: STARZ)

Jamie Fraser and William RansomOutlander season 6: Jamie Fraser had to explain to Brianna who her brother was (Image: STARZ)

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Jamie even suggested to Brianna that she look her brother up in books when she returned to the future to learn more about him.

The heartwarming moment was not initially included in the plans for Outlander season five and it was up to Diana how Brianna learned of Jamie’s son.

Speaking on the podcast Outcasts, Diana detailed: “Well, Matt Roberts pitched it to me but what I said was, ‘I think I’m going to be finished writing the book I’m writing toward the end of the filming, so can I have one of the later scenes?’

“So they gave me five, 11. They wanted to do the finale themselves.”

Jamie Fraser talks to Brianna FraserOutlander season 6: Jamie broke the news to Brianna before she attempted to go back to the future (Image: STARZ)

Brianna Fraser outlanderOutlander season 6: Brianna Fraser was shocked to learn she'd never be able to have a relationship

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