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MANCHESTER is witnessing a rise in coronavirus cases, but discussions between local authorities and Government about lockdown restrictions are ongoing. So can the Government force Manchester into Tier 3?

PUBLISHED: 10:10, Fri, Oct 16, 2020 | UPDATED: 10:11, Fri, Oct 16, 2020

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The Government and local authorities in Greater Manchester are locking horns over the proposal to introduce Tier 3 restrictions in the region. While the Government says Tier 3 restrictions are needed to curb the spread of coronavirus, Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham is looking to secure further financial support for businesses which will be affected by stricter measures.


Under Tier 3 restrictions, bars and pubs will have to close temporarily - unless they can operate safely as restaurants.

There will also be restrictions on travel, and in Liverpool where Tier 3 measures were introduced earlier this week, other hospitality businesses such as casinos and gyms were also forced to close.

If Tier 3 measures are introduced in Greater Manchester local authorities are concerned about the impact of further restrictions on businesses, as the area has already experienced months of Tier 2 restrictions.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said on Friday morning the number of coronavirus cases in Manchester are “very serious”, and he added Tier 3 restrictions were essential if the UK is to prevent another national lockdown.

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Manchester lockdown: Boris JohnsonManchester lockdown: Can Government force Manchester into Tier 3? (Image: PA IMAGES - GETTY)

Manchester lockdown: Dominic RaabManchester lockdown: Dominic Raab urged Mr Burnham to 'do the right thing by the people of Manchester' (Image: GETTY)

North told to end lockdown rebellion as Burnham threatens legal action

Mr Raab told BBC Breakfast: "Ultimately we need to take action - we can't have a situation as we have seen in Manchester where Andy Burnham is effectively trying to hold the Government over a barrel over money and politics when actually we need to take action.

"The cases there are 470 per 100,000 so it is very serious, and we must take action in the interest of the people of Manchester and the wider area, and if we take those targeted actions in those areas most affected... we get through this and we avoid the national level lockdown."

Mr Raab urged Mr Burnham to "do the right thing by the people of Manchester".

After Mr Raab accused him of trying to "hold the Government over a barrel", Mr Burnham tweeted in response: "It's not

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