Greg Davies speaks out on being 'consistently awful' to Taskmaster co-star Alex ...

GREG DAVIES - who is a host on Taskmaster - has addressed the real reason why he is "consistently awful" to his co-star Alex Horne on the popular show.

PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 19:01, Thu, Oct 22, 2020

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Comedian Greg Davies, 52, and Alex Horne, 42, spoke candidly about the pair's on and off screen relationship in a new interview. The Taskmaster frontman addressed the pair's dynamic where Greg often "channels his rage" towards his co-star.


Viewers of Taskmaster are well aware of the pair's light-hearted humour on the British comedy show which challenges the wit and wisdom of five comics.

After five years of working together on the programme the duo were questioned about their TV relationship.

Alex admitted that Greg had started off on the show being "quite nice" to him but things soon changed.

"We did a pilot – a non-broadcast pilot – and the brief was that I was just going to be an overlord who was horrible to everybody," Greg explained.

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Greg Davies addresses being 'consistently awful' to Taskmaster co-starGreg Davies addresses being 'consistently awful' to Taskmaster co-star (Image: WENN)

Greg Davies and Alex Horne are co-stars on Channel 4's TaskmasterGreg Davies and Alex Horne are co-stars on Channel 4's Taskmaster (Image: UKTV)

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"How that’s distilled down is I’m now less horrible to everybody, but consistently awful to Alex."

His co-star Alex interjected: "Yeah, you probably started off being quite nice to me. That’s completely flipped."

Greg added: "The dynamic has somehow morphed into all of my rage being channelled Alex’s way."

The Taskmaster host also dished on the moment he felt "ridiculous" during the pilot for

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