#MockTheWeek host Dara O’Briain issues apology over show complaint ...

Mock The Week will be returning amidst the global pandemic with the correct safety procedures in place. The show is well-known and loved for its satirical swipes and one liners as Dara and Hugh discuss the week in news. Ahead of the new season, Dara has promised it will be “Mock like you’ve never seen before” and teased how he will reflect the national mood with his opening bit.

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Speaking about how it feels to be back, Dara remarked: “There are times on Mock The Week where we complain that there hasn’t been enough news; I now want to apologise for that!

“To reflect the national mood, each show will begin with me screaming noiselessly into the camera for five minutes.”

He added that after being in lockdown for so long, filming the show will “just be nice to get out of the house”.

“Mock The Week; it’s just nice to get out of the house. That’s our new slogan!” he laughed.

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Dara O'Briain hugh dennisMock The Week host Dara O’Briain issues apology over show complaint ‘Hasn’t been enough’ (Image: BBC)

mock The Week showMock The Week returns to BBC Two this evening with Dara and Hugh hosting (Image: BBC)

Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner 'doing it for years' says co-star

The show has been on air for 15 years and despite focussing on the news, Dara thinks its the comedy which keeps viewers coming back.

“Honestly, it’s nothing to do with left or right, the stuff people remember is the stupid stuff, that’s what makes this debate on political bias hilarious,” he commented.

“What people remember is I look like the Megabus Man and other silliness.”

Looking back over his time on the show, he recalled the moment which left the panel laughing for five minutes.

Hugh Dennis Dara O'BriainMock The Week host Dara regrets saying there was not enough news (Image: BBC)

Hugh Dennis with his maskMock The Week host Hugh said he was 'a bit scared' about going back to the show (Image: BBC)

“We were

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