Joe Biden has earned an impressive fortune throughout his political career

JOE BIDEN, 77, is the Democratic party candidate currently running for President in the United States. He has earned a huge sum of money during his career.

PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 00:01, Fri, Oct 23, 2020

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Joe Biden is set to take on President Donald , 74, in the US election next month. How much money does he have?

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Tonight, Joe will take part in the final presidential debate with Donald .

This comes weeks before the election that will take place on November 3.

Before running for President, Joe had a long career in politics.

This has helped him to build up a staggering fortune.

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Joe Biden net worth: Fortune politicianJoe Biden net worth: He has earned a huge fortune during his career (Image: GETTY)

Joe Biden net worth: Donald Trump politicianJoe Biden net worth: He is the presidential rival of Donald (Image: GETTY)

Joe Biden net worth

The politician has a fortune of around £6.8million, according to estimations by Forbes.

He has earned his wealth through politics, books and property.

Joe first started earning a salary in law and practiced as a public defender in the 1960s.


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