'Rip it up!' #BorisJohnson MUST dump hated #EuropeanUnion deal to save #Brexit, ...

BORIS Johnson has been urged to "show some leadership" by tearing up the withdrawal agreement he signed last year by a Brexiteer who fears any trade deal the Prime Minister agrees with Brussels will compromise his pledge to "get Brexit done".

PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 07:00, Sat, Oct 24, 2020

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John Tennant, a former Brexit Party MEP for North East England, said there can be no diversion of key sovereignty issues - and said he would be willing to re-enter the fray politically if there is any perception that the Government has caved in to Brussels. Mr Tennant has told the story of the Brexit Party, whom he credits with preventing a second referendum, in his book Rebooting Brexit, published last week.


Like fellow Brexit Party MEP Anne Widdecombe and Mr Farage himself, Mr Tennant believes the only option is to dump the deal which Mr Johnson signed last November, given the compromises which Mr Johnson would need to make to get a trade deal over the line.

He said: "I wouldn't be happy because it is not Brexit.

"We've only got Brexit legally - it isn't Brexit in the sense that we have got back control of the governance of our country. That's the next battle.

Boris JohnsonBoris Johnson has been told Brexiteers expect him to rip up the withdrawal agreement (Image: GETTY)

John TennantJohn Tennant's book, Rebooting Brexit, sold out in 36 hours (Image: GETTY)

Boris Johnson having won an election on the basis of Get Brexit Done, has failed to get Brexit done

John Tennant

"The first thing Boris Johnson needs to do is rip up the withdrawal agreement.

"That's a signal of intent to the other side, Barnier and so on."

With reference to the Prime Minister himself, Mr Tennant said: "Boris Johnson having won an election on the basis of Get Brexit Done, has failed to get Brexit done.

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Nigel FarageNigel Farage has been hugely influential is taking the UK out of the EU (Image: GETTY)

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