Royal travel: The rules royals must follow abroad or face major disgrace

TRAVELLING as a Royal Family member may seem like a luxurious experience from the outside, but it turns out the royals are subject to a number of stringent rules. Some of these dictate even the smallest detail of their choices, and failure to comply could end in disgrace.

PUBLISHED: 04:01, Sat, Oct 24, 2020 | UPDATED: 07:29, Sat, Oct 24, 2020

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Royal Family members travel around the world frequently as part of their duty representing the UK. Though this is often a lavish affair, very different from the stark reality of travel for regular passengers, they are subject to a number of stringent rules the general public are not.

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These rules and regulations are steeped in tradition, dating back to the dawn of aviation.

Many of these protocols dictate not only how a royal should pack their luggage, but also how they should dress at all times while abroad.

Though these traditions may seem bizarre to your typical traveller, one expert who has detailed insight into exactly why the rules are so important to the monarchy is Anne Chertoff.

Ms Chertoff is the chief operating officer at New York-based Beautmont Etiquette, which currently runs a specialist online royal-themed etiquette course.

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royal family fashionRoyal travel: The Royal Family must follow strict rules (Image: Getty Images)

queen elizabeth canadaRoyal travel: Queen Elizabeth wearing the Canada Maple Leaf broach on tour (Image: Getty Images)

She told about the specific rules Royal Family members, including Queen Elizabeth II, must follow when jetting off on global ventures.

The destination the Royal Family members are visiting is often one of the key players in deciding what they wear for the duration of their time there.

As Ms Chertoff explains, clothing worn on the trip must reflect the culture of the destination country, and garments are often sourced from local designers.

“When packing looks for a state trip it is considered respectful, good etiquette and customary to shop from the designers from that country, or looks that reflect the style and culture of the destination,” the expert detailed.

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“For example, when Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge travelled with Prince William to India in 2016 she wore a memorable white and blue dress by Indian-American designer Naeem Khan when the couple visited the Taj Mahal.”

The dress was hand-selected by the Duchess of Cambridge from the designer’s 2015 collection to wear on the India and Bhutan tour she undertook alongside her husband Prince William.

The Duchess of Cambridge was photographed wearing the dress as she sat beside her Prince William outside of the Taj Mahal, in what the designer described as “a historical moment”.

Similarly, the etiquette expert points to a more recent occasion in 2019, when the Duchess of Cambridge made a similar decision.

Prince William & kate in IndiaRoyal travel: Prince William and Kate on tour in India, 2016 (Image: Getty Images)

Royal family travel costRoyal travel: The cost of transporting the royals (Image: DX)

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“When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge travelled to Pakistan on an official visit in 2019, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge wore a blue kurta from Pakistani brand Zeen as well as other designs and designers that reflected the local women in Pakistan wear,” she

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