Bradley Walsh teases #TheChase contestant for 'cheating' after near-perfect ...

Bradley Walsh, 60, was on hand to help former teacher Jane and her teammates to try and win themselves a share of a huge jackpot prize on The Chase. The ex-education worker was the last contestant to face Paul “The Sinnerman” Sinha, 50, after two of her fellow players managed to make it back for the Final Chase with £15,000 in the bank. However, following her performance in the cash-builder, the host of the ITV quiz show was left baffled and jokingly claimed she had been “cheating” and secretly knew all the answers to the questions he was asking.

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As the klaxon sounded, bringing the cash-builder to an end, Jane had £9,000 in the pot which she and her teammates were very pleased with.

With the jackpot now standing at £24,000, Bradley said she could have done even better if she hadn’t made one error in the game.

Referring to a question he asked about the board game Chess, the host said: “Jane, I’m not being funny, had you not said checkmate and just check, you’d have hit the top.

“You been cheating?” he asked, with the contestant fiercely opposing his accusation, despite it all being in jest.

“You know how it’s all done, ex-teacher. Is it written on your hands the answers?” the presenter inquired.

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Bradley Walsh teases The Chase contestant of 'cheating'Bradley Walsh teases The Chase contestant for 'cheating' after near-perfect performance (Image: ITV)

The Chase: Bradley WalshThe Chase: Bradley Walsh was baffled by how much money Jane had secured (Image: ITV)

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“I’ll have to see you after. Stay after,” Bradley told Jane as he mimicked what it would be like if a

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