Flight attendant shares simple move which makes crew ‘dislike’ some passengers

FLIGHT ATTENDANTS spend their working hours jetting off with flights filled with passengers. It turns out, there are some small actions passengers make that can go a long way on a busy journey. What are they?

PUBLISHED: 19:41, Wed, Oct 28, 2020 | UPDATED: 19:41, Wed, Oct 28, 2020

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Having to deal with hundreds of passenger requests can be exhausting for crew members, so its no surprise flight attendants are thankful for pleasant passengers. One flight attendant has revealed that there are some simple actions passengers can make that have the potential to change the entire flight experience for the crew.

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An anonymous cabin crew member shared their top tips for being a “good passenger” and getting on the right side of staff while flying.

In fact, many of them are as easy as using the overhead lockers in the correct way.

However, doing one small action could result in the crew feeling rather frustrated.

Posting to a Reddit forum, the flight attendant wrote: “Be a good passenger: stow your carry on in the overhead bin properly.

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“I always test close the bin to make sure it'll close.

“Close bins that are full, a lot of the shorter flight attendants complain about not being able to close centre bins on wide-body aircraft, especially when they're full of 80+lbs of luggage.

“And if you come across a closed bin, don't open it - they're closed for a reason; and if they're empty, it's probably because the flight attendants want to stow their luggage in it.”

The crew member then warned: “Putting your stuff in there is only going to make them dislike you.”


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