Royal family offered its own 'Mount Rushmore' in bizarre tribute

THE royal family in Norway could soon have their very own Mount Rushmore after claims the nation's monarchy does not receive enough attention.

PUBLISHED: 22:28, Wed, Oct 28, 2020 | UPDATED: 22:28, Wed, Oct 28, 2020

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King Harald V of Norway ascended the throne back in 1991 following the death of his father King Olav V. The 83-year-old monarch was the third and only son of King Olav and Princess Märtha of Sweden.


Now, proposed plans for a Norwegian Mount Rushmore bearing the face of King Harald could soon become a reality.

Farmer Arvid Mæland has taken over a large mountain farm in Lauperak in the west-Norwegian region of Rogaland.

Mr Mæland wants to donate the mountain to allow the monument to be built in honour of the king.

While speaking to Norwegian TV-channel NRK, Mr Mæland said: “The monarchy receives too little attention, and King Harald is a well-liked and down-to-earth type who absolutely deserves such a landmark.”

King Harald could have his own Mount RushmoreKing Harald could have his own Mount Rushmore (Image: Getty)

Mount Rushmore in USAMount Rushmore in USA (Image: Getty)

Mr Mæland’s plans were inspired by the Keystone National Park iconic monument, which attracts more than two million visitors each year.

And his hopes for Norway’s very own tribute to the monarchy has received support form the likes of Mayor Kjetil Slettebø.

Mr Slettebø believes the royal tribute could help bring tourists to the country.

He said: “This area is popular already, and if we get another Instagram motif then it is very good.

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King Harald with his wife Queen SonjaKing Harald with his wife Queen Sonja (Image: Getty)

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