UFO crash landing site on Mars is 'inexplicable proof' of aliens - claim

ALIEN hunters believe they have found evidence of a UFO crash landing site on Mars, claiming the same alien ships have been found on Earth.

PUBLISHED: 09:00, Mon, Nov 2, 2020 | UPDATED: 09:01, Mon, Nov 2, 2020

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A conspiracy theorist who has been searching through archive images from NASA believes he has uncovered some alien truths. The apparent bombshell comes in the form of a disk-shaped object with a flat surface, which can be seen partially buried in the Martian sand - and alien enthusiast Scott C Waring claims the disk is an alien craft.

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Writing on his blog UFO Sightings Daily, he said the UFO in question was the same spotted by former US government employee Bob Lazar.

Mr Lazar claims to be a whistle-blower on the US government who says he has proof of aliens.

Mr Waring said on his blog UFO Sightings Daily: "While searching through some NASA archives I came across a Mars photo with a crashed disk in it.

"The disk is very similar to the craft that Bob Lazar worked on in Area S4.

ufoUFO crash landing site on Mars is 'inexplicable proof' of aliens - claim (Image: UFO

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