Melania stands ‘quietly’ beside Donald but is a ‘constant that he ...

MELANIA is often seen beside her President husband at events, especially in the run up to the US election - which takes place tomorrow. A body language expert has analysed how the First Lady's body language might give an indication to the couple's relationship.

PUBLISHED: 12:57, Mon, Nov 2, 2020 | UPDATED: 13:01, Mon, Nov 2, 2020

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Melania , 50, married Donald , 74, in 2005 after they met seven years previous at a party in New York City. They have been in the public eye ever since due to Melania modelling for various clothing companies and Donald being a well-known businessman. Since entering the White House, they have attended public events together where Melania is often seen standing beside or slightly behind her husband.

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Now with the election just one day away, the couple have completed lots of campaigning around the states in America, including Melania making speeches at some appearances.

Looking at photos of the pair over the last couple of months, body language expert Judi James has analysed Melania’s body language and given an insight into what it may show.

She said: “Melania’s signals with Donald suggest family support rather than emphatically political or business fan-girl behaviours.

“Compare her rituals to those adoring, hugging congratulatory rituals from [Joe] Biden’s wife [Jill Biden] after the first presidential debate and we can see none of the normal over-played besotted signals from Melania but a woman OK to stand quietly alongside her husband using quite similar body language to suggest husband-wife teaming.”

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Melania Trump standsMelania stands (Image: Getty)

Melania and Donald Trump: Displays of affection have become more prominent in recent yearsMelania and Donald : Displays of affection have become more prominent in recent years (Image: Getty)

Melania regularly stands next to Donald, but public displays of affection were extremely rare at the beginning of Donald’s presidency.

However, their displays of affection have become more prominent in recent years with hand holding becoming regularly seen when they attend public events.

Judi said: “The couple have also struggled with their hand-holding in the past but it now seems to be a

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