Is Fleetwood Mac star Stevie Mac married? Who is her husband?

STEVIE NICKS has only been married once and the story is one with a great deal of sadness and grief - but is she still married?

PUBLISHED: 09:14, Tue, Nov 3, 2020 | UPDATED: 09:15, Tue, Nov 3, 2020

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Stevie Nicks puts her heart and soul in her music, singing incredible songs with her band Fleetwood Mac. In the band, she famously had a relationship with Lindsey Buckingham, her fellow musician, as well as a short relationship with Mick Fleetwood. But who did she marry and are they still together?


Stevie Nicks is no longer married, and has only been married for a very short time.

Her marriage, as she has described it, was one driven by grief, as she married a man who was previously with her close friend, Robin Anderson.

Their marriage was incredibly short, lasting just three months after a very short courtship.

She told Oprah’s Masterclass in 2013: “In 1981 my best friend, her name was Robin, she got leukaemia. And she was married to a man named Kim.

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Stevie Nicks - is she married?Stevie Nicks - is she married? (Image: Getty)

Kim Anderson and Stevie NicksKim Anderson and Stevie Nicks (Image: Getty)

Fleetwood Mac members: What happened between Lindsey and Stevie?

“About two months into her cancer she was in remission and she got pregnant, and then she went out of remission and then she went off all treatment.

“Because she knew that she was going to die and she wanted to leave that baby behind, she wanted something to be left from her.

“Matthew was born, Robin died and I was grief stricken. Completely and utterly grief stricken.”

Grief can make people act in very different ways to their usual selves, and this was the case for Stevie as she decided all she cared about was raising Matthew, as a way to get close to Robin, who she had lost.

Stevie and Kim during their short marriageStevie and Kim during their short marriage (Image: Getty)

She continued: “I had lost the best friend I had ever had in my life and I just went on a mission, because I

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