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MERCURY Retrograde may potentially play a key role in today's US election, astrologers have announced - here is how.

PUBLISHED: 20:28, Tue, Nov 3, 2020 | UPDATED: 20:30, Tue, Nov 3, 2020

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After a seemingly never-ending Mercury Retrograde period, the Messenger Planet is finally about to turn Direct on November 3 – the day of the eagerly-anticipated US election. Retrograde motion in astrology is the illusionary effect where the planet appears to travel backwards through the cosmos with respect to the zodiac.


But once the body resumes its natural flow, Mercury is said to move Direct again.

Mercury rules Gemini, which means that there will be added mishaps that are unforeseen

Lisa Stardust

And although many may not see the connection, astrologers have warned people should prepare for Mercury's transit to sow chaos and confusion this Tuesday.

Some may be more than surprised to learn how Mercury last stationed Direct on Election Day in 2000.

That particular horse race saw George W. Bush controversially take office despite the Democratic Party’s Al Gore winning the popular vote.

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Mercury Retrograde may potentially play a key role in today’s US electionMercury Retrograde may potentially play a key role in today’s US election (Image: Getty)

Mercury Retrograde Gemini graphicMercury Retrograde: Mercury is said to move Direct again on Tuesday – the day of the election (Image: Express)

Donald 'will win' the US election despite the 'media' - claim

Some political observers have drawn comparisons between that contentious election and 2020’s incarnation, following concerns over mail-in ballot delays and potential recounts.

Astrologer Lisa Stardust believes Mercury's transit may help exaggerate any uncertainty and disarray taking place this year.

She said: “The mail-in ballots will take a long time to be counted, a lot of voters won’t get to the polls in fear of getting coronavirus (COVID-19), and we can expect that both the Democratic and Republican parties will demand a recount no matter who the winner is, due to Mercury’s direct station in the middle of Election Day.”

The Moon, known in astrological circles to offer direction, is in star sign Gemini on election day.

Mercury Retrograde US election:Mercury Retrograde: The

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