Piers Morgan warns US election result won't be decided fro DAYS - worrying ...

PIERS MORGAN has predicted days of chaos for the US as the 2020 Presidential race remains undecided.

PUBLISHED: 08:00, Wed, Nov 4, 2020 | UPDATED: 08:00, Wed, Nov 4, 2020

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The outspoken news presenter predicted the result would not be “decided for a few days” after a tense election night with no obvious winner. Piers tweeted to his Twitter followers: My 4.34am verdict: Biden could win. could win. It could be a tie.


“This won't be decided for a few days.”

In a speech delivered at just after 2am in the early hours of the morning (US local time), the US President said he would launch a legal challenge against defeat, telling his rival Joe Biden “we will not stand for it”.

Rallying his base for a fight in the hours to come, Mr claimed there was a "fraud on the American nation”, saying "we did win this election" and warned he will go to the Supreme Court to get vote counting stopped.

He warned Mr Biden “we will not stand for it” and “they’re never going to catch us”.

piers morganPiers Morgan has predicted days of chaos in the US (Image: ITV)

The US leader claimed that his voters are being "disenfranchised".

Speaking at the White House, the Republican said: "Millions and millions of people voted for us tonight.

"A very sad group of people is trying to disenfranchise that group of people and we won't stand for it. We will not stand for it.

"He then went on to proclaim victory over his Democratic rival, telling his supporters: "Frankly, we did win”.

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