Apex Legends Season 7 release date LIVE: Olympus map, Horizon, Trident, Battle ...

Apex Legends Season 7 Olympus and HorizonApex Legends Season 7 adds the Olympus map and Horizon character (Image: EA)

The Apex Legends Season 7 release date is finally here on PS4, Xbox One and PC - including Steam.

For fans playing in the US, Apex Legends Season 7 has an 8pm ET start time on November 4. Unfortunately, for players in the UK, the time difference means Apex Legends Season 7 has a November 5 release date and 1am GMT start time.

The good news is that despite the delayed release date, Apex Legends Season 7 is brimming with new content for fans.

The headline new addition is the Olympus map, which presents some interesting new gameplay opportunities for long-time fans.

That's because Olympus is set among the clouds, which presents its own unique challenges.

"Olympus is the third map coming to Apex Legends and is a floating city high above the planet Psamathe," reads the official description.

"This new location boasts lush, artificial terrain with stylised landscapes for those that appreciate opulent decor. Gone are the tall, cliffside rocks from Kings Canyon and World’s Edge. Instead, you’ll find perilous open space that showcases the clouds below."

In order to avoid falling to your doom, the developers have introduced a couple of new ways to traverse the map, including the game's first vehicle.

The Trident is a new vehicle that's capable of transporting entire squads across the perilous map.

Found on the outskirts of the map, the hover vehicle comes with a boost feature that increases your speed and helps you get over obstacles.

"These hover vehicles are designed for rotations and not combat, so

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