What is the meaning behind Eric Clapton's Tears in Heaven? Heartbreaking lyrics ...

ERIC CLAPTON has written many classic tunes in his long musical career - but what is the meaning behind the heartbreaking song Tears in Heaven?

PUBLISHED: 11:00, Thu, Nov 5, 2020 | UPDATED: 11:00, Thu, Nov 5, 2020

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Eric Clapton’s Tears in Heaven is an iconic rock ballad. The lyrics are full of meaning, and connect to an incredibly sad time in Eric’s life. But what is the meaning behind the song, and who is it about?


Eric Clapton wrote Tears in Heaven about the sad death of his son, Conor.

Before his eventual divorce from Pattie Boyd in 1989, Eric cheated on Pattie with Italian model Lory Del Santo, with whom he had a son, Conor, in 1986.

However, Conor’s story was to be an utterly tragic one, as in 1991 the four-year-old died after falling out of an open bedroom window on the 53rd floor of a Manhattan apartment building.

This was devastating to his father, who wrote the song Tears in Heaven about his son’s death.

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Eric Clapton - what is Tears in Heaven about?Eric Clapton - what is Tears in Heaven about? (Image: Getty)

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In 1999, Eric told 60 Minutes interviewer Ed Bradley he had seen his son the day before his death, as he was in New York at the time.

He said: “When he was born, I was drinking, and he was really the chief reason that I went back to treatment, because I really did love this boy.

"I thought, 'I know he's a little baby, but he can see what I'm doing, and I'm tired of this.’”

Eric was not reported to have been in the apartment at the time of Conor’s death, having taken his son to the circus the day before the tragic events.

Eric Clapton with Pattie BoydEric Clapton with Pattie Boyd (Image: Getty)

The incident happened in the home of Conor and

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