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The Beatles recorded hundreds of songs throughout their careers. Many of them made it onto their albums, but a collection of them failed to get appearances in records or single releases. So then, it is surprising to hear that the band’s drummer, Ringo Starr, favours one song over the rest, and it was a B-side of a single.

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Shortly into the band’s career they released Paperback Writer - one of their best-known songs.

The single was released in 1966, but was not featured on any of the Fab Four’s studio albums.

While the track itself was a runaway hit, hitting number one in the UK charts instantly, it is the other side of the disc that Ringo remembers fondly.

Rain appears on the B-side of Paperback Writer, and was also recorded during the recording sessions for the band’s seventh album Revolver.

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The Beatles ringo starrThe Beatles: Ringo Starr spoke out about his favoured song (Image: GETTY)

The Beatles ringo starrThe Beatles: Ringo Starr praised the work the band did on the song (Image: GETTY)

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Ringo featured in Paul McCartney’s 1997 biography, which included quotes and interviews with the rest of his band.

And in the book, Many Years From Now, Paul described how Ringo expressed great pride around the track Rain.

He explained that Rain was his favourite recording out of anything he had ever played throughout his career as The Beatles’ drummer because of its complexity.

Ringo said: “I feel as though that was someone else playing. I was possessed!”

The Beatles band ringo starrThe Beatles:

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