Daily #horoscope for November 6: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac ...

YOUR daily horoscope this Friday features a Saturnine Square and Mercury remaining Direct - here is how these aspects will affect your horoscope today.

PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 00:00, Fri, Nov 6, 2020

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Friday’s horoscope kicks-off with a Square between Mercury and Saturn in Capricorn. Squares are aspects believed to reveal tensions, and long-standing issue affecting a wide range of people.


Today’s aspect is the last one of this kind you will experience for a long time.

This may well involve a revelation of sorts as the end of another working week occurs.

People can consequently expect to finally unpack whatever it is they have been processing of late.

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This may not, however, be an easy occasion, so your best bet is to sturdy yourself for a particularly tricky time while wrapping your head around your problems.

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Daily horoscope for November 6Daily horoscope: Friday features a a Saturnine Square and Mercury remaining Direct (Image: Express)

Daily horoscope for Friday November 6Daily horoscope: Friday’s horoscope kicks-off with Square between Mercury and Saturn in Capricorn (Image: Getty)

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But fortunately, it does not necessarily have to be this way.

People are probably making too much or overthinking such a situation.

So just accept the inescapable facts and move on with your life.

The ringed jewel Saturn always wins in such a contest, but the messenger planet Mercury also has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Daily horoscope for November 6: Astrological aspects graphicDaily horoscope: Squares are aspects believed to reveal tensions and long-standing issues (Image: Express)

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