Bird flu crisis in Europe: 25,000 chickens culled and eggs banned as panic ...

THOUSANDS of hens in Europe have been culled due to outbreaks of bird flu, with France declaring its first case this week after other nations imposed tough restrictions to stop the spread.

PUBLISHED: 13:05, Tue, Nov 17, 2020 | UPDATED: 13:08, Tue, Nov 17, 2020

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Up to 300 birds were killed after a case of avian influenza was detected in Haute-Corse, a region covering the north of the island of Corsica. Agricultural minister Julien Denormandie said the presence of the viral infection, which is harmless to humans, was confirmed on Monday afternoon. The confirmation came after thousands of birds were culled in Germany and Denmark.


He said between 200 and 300 hens were slaughtered in a bid to prevent the flu from spreading further.

Speaking during a televised interview with Public Senate-LCP-Le Figaro, he said the case was detected in the animal department of a garden centre near Bastia in Haute-Corse.

The confirmation came "following the observation of abnormal mortalities among the poultry” according to the ministry of agriculture.

In response to the detection, Mr Denormandie said authorities had put the entire city of Bastia on a high level of risk from Tuesday.

bird flu outbreak europeThousands of hens in Europe have been culled after bird flu cases were recorded (Image: GETTY)

bird flu outbreak europeGermany, Denmark and France have all been impacted by bird flu in recent days (Image: GETTY)

This will mean that commercial poultry farms and people keeping hens in their gardens have to ensure laying nets are provided to prevent contact with wild birds.

And people are prohibited from bringing live poultry to markets.

The minister said: “Specific measures to monitor and limit movements around the Haute-Corse outbreak were put in place immediately to prevent any spread.

“Conservatory measures are also taken with suppliers and buyers.”

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bird flu outbreak europeA bird in a French zoo is vaccinated against bird flu (Image: GETTY)

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