Prince Charles’ philosophy hints at ruling style when he becomes King

PRINCE CHARLES' future ruling style can be predicted based on his personal philosophy on what it means to be at the helm of the Royal Family and a monarch.

PUBLISHED: 09:36, Wed, Nov 18, 2020 | UPDATED: 09:36, Wed, Nov 18, 2020

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Charles has been the heir apparent ever since his mother ascended the throne in 1952. At 72, he has secured the title of the oldest heir and longest-serving heir apparent in British history — but he has not spent those decades idly. A prominent environmentalist who has occasionally been criticised for stepping into political spheres, the Prince of Wales has divided the nation for years.


Just 47 percent of Britons have a positive opinion of him according to YouGov’s latest polls, a number which could drop following the poor depiction of him in series, The Crown.

However, Charles is not impatient to take the throne, according to royal insiders.

Commentator Caroline Davies explained: “Those around Charles detect no sign of any ‘at last’ sentiment.

“It is not that he does, or does not, aspire to be King.

"Charles sees the role of the sovereign as something one is, not something one does.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles, at his investiture in 1969Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles, at his investiture in 1969 (Image: Getty)

Charles has been the heir apparent since 1952Charles has been the heir apparent since 1952 (Image: Getty)

“Like those before him, one occupies that space — for however long or short a time.”

The Queen is currently 94, but has always promised to reign for her entire life.

The Palace has also denied claims that she intends to step down when she turns 95 and make Charles the regent.

During a BBC interview to celebrate his 70th birthday, Charles explained that he does not intend to be a "meddling monarch".

He said: “I do realise that it is a separate exercise being sovereign.”

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Charles at his investiture as the Prince of Wales in 1969Charles at his investiture as the Prince of Wales in 1969 (Image: Getty)

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He also acknowledged that “if you become the sovereign then you play the role in the way that it is expected”, quashing fears that he would interfere in political issues as King.

On top of fears that he is a “meddler”, ’s latest season of The Crown has revived the most turbulent period of Charles’ life — his marriage to Princess Diana.

The heir comes off as cold and unloving towards the innocent People’s Princess who struggles to find her footing in the royal world — especially as her husband continues to have a torrid affair with the married Camilla Parker Bowles.

As noted in the New York Post, the latest season makes “Britain’s next king suddenly look less like a nice boy trying to please his mummy and more like Henry VIII”.

It added that “for Charles this is a very real

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