Princess Anne’s infamous ‘naff off’ comment was 'cover up' for what was ...

PRINCESS ANNE famously told reporters to "naff off" after they took pictures of her falling off her horse at an eventing competition but this was not the whole story, according to the journalists on the receiving end of Anne's wrath.

PUBLISHED: 09:35, Sat, Nov 21, 2020 | UPDATED: 09:36, Sat, Nov 21, 2020

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The Crown season four touches on this incident, with Anne ranting to her mother, Queen Elizabeth II, about how the press has “got it in” for her. Anne says in the  drama: “They are there wherever I go. Journalists. Photographers. They’ve just got it in for me. Bastards. I told them to naff off, once! And can you blame me? They’re so mean to me all the time.”


However, according to the journalists who were there at the time, Anne actually said “other f off words”, but they just did not report that bit.

In fact, they even said they might have “made up” the ‘naff’ word themselves.

The Princess Royal was winning equestrian competitions in the early Seventies, including the European Eventing Championships, but she was often frustrated by photographers capturing her falling off her horse and asking personal questions.

Several times she lost her temper and those pictures ended up splashed across front pages.

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princess annePrincess Anne's infamous 'naff off' comment was not the whole story (Image: GETTY)

princess anne horsePrincess Anne falling off her horse at a competition (Image: GETTY)

Steve Wood, royal photographer for the Daily Express at the time, was the target of her comments on one of these occasions.

He told the 2002 Channel 4 documentary ‘The Real Princess Anne’: “It’s the naff off picture when she lost it and told me to naff off, and that created a storm.”

However, his colleague Ashley Walton said: “The truth is, we made up the ‘naff’ word to cover up another word.”

Asked to confirm whether Anne actually said the phrase, Mr Wood claimed the princess had actually been much ruder.

princess anne the crownErin Coherty as Princess Anne in The Crown (Image: )

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