#PrinceCharles made awkward gaffe in #India about wives during #PrincessDiana ...

PRINCE CHARLES, 72, is the son of Prince Philip, 99, a royal who is well-known for his outspoken remarks and gaffes - but it seems the Prince of Wales can share this trait with his father - as seen when he made an alarming comment about Princess Diana while travelling in India.

PUBLISHED: 18:48, Mon, Nov 23, 2020 | UPDATED: 18:51, Mon, Nov 23, 2020

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Prince Charles has enjoyed all sorts of exciting visits the world over during his lifetime. Royals sometimes travel with their partners and families but sometimes they also jet-set alone on state visits. The Prince of Wales is now married to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, 73.

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However, he was previously wed to the late Princess Diana.

The pair's romance is currently playing across global screens thanks to popular show The Crown which documents the lives of the British Royal Family.

In 1980, while Charles was still courting Diana, the heir to the throne travelled to India on a state visit, leaving the future mother of his two sons in England.

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While he was on the royal trip he sparked shock with a comment about matrimony.

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prince charles india gaffe wives princess diana royal travelPrince Charles: While he was on a trip to India he sparked shock with a comment about matrimony (Image: Getty Images)

prince charles india gaffe wives princess diana royal travelPrince Charles: "I could have lots of wives" said Charles about becoming a Muslim (Image: Getty Images)

Author Kitty Kelley shared insight into the incident in her 1997 book The Royals.

“Diana accompanied him to the airport to say goodbye," wrote Kelley. "As he nonchalantly skipped up the step of the royal plane without looking back, she burst into tears.”

The Prince of Wales was visiting the iconic Taj Mahal in India when he is said to have made the rather awkward joke.

“Reporters followed Charles on his visit

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