NCIS: Tony DiNozzo Sr's return 'ruled out' for season 18 #NCIS

Executive producers Frank Cardea and Steven Binder have revealed popular guest star Robert Wagner won’t be reprising his role as Tony Dinozzo Sr in NCIS’s 18th season. During a recent interview, the producers confirmed coronavirus measures have made this instalment of the CBS series unlike anything we’ve seen before.

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Robert Wagner won’t be reprising his role as Anthony DiNozzo Sr. any time soon, as confirmed by NCIS producers Frank Cardea and Steven Binder.

The series has had to undergo a major shake-up this year, after bringing its 17th season to a premature close in April amid the outbreak of coronavirus. 

Season 18 finally kicked things back into gear with an exciting premiere, Sturgeon Season, featuring returning guest star Joe Spano.

NCIS’s long-awaited 400th episode will continue the series tomorrow, November 24, and turn back the clock to Leroy Gibbs’ (played by Mark Harmon) mysterious past.

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Robert Wagner as Tony DiNozzo SrNCIS season 18 spoilers: Producers rule out Tony DiNozzo Sr's return 'Not quite ready' (Image: Getty/CBS)

Michael Weatherly and Robert WagnerNCIS: Tony DiNozzo tries to patch things up with his father (Image: CBS)

NCIS season 18 streaming: How to watch NCIS series 18 online

Although companion series NCIS: New Orleans has thrown itself headfirst into the pandemic, the mainline show will be setting its latest episodes before the pandemic for the time being.

While business continues as normal for Gibbs and the team, behind the scenes it’s a completely different story for the cast and crew.

With much of the entertainment industry still experiencing the crippling effects of COVID, NCIS is one of several series being allowed to continue with stringent health and safety measures in place.

Despite the current team operating safely to deliver the show’s thrilling 18th season, travel and distancing restrictions in the US mean a number of things on the

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