ISIS HORROR: New generation of ‘jihadi’ children being raised in Syrian camps

DOZENS of British children and women are being held in Syrian camps, built by the Kurds to guard ISIS suspects, according to a new report from Rights and Security International (RSI).

PUBLISHED: 02:34, Fri, Nov 27, 2020 | UPDATED: 02:34, Fri, Nov 27, 2020

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The London-based charity has published findings about the “barbaric” al-Hawl and al-Roj compounds in Syria. RIA found that dozens of British women and children are being held by Kurdish troops at the camps, and dubbed them “Europe’s Guantanamo” due to the conditions and treatment of the detainees. Around 25 of those held at al-Hawl have died each month, with as many as 35 British children and 15 women being detained as of the report’s release.


RIA fears the Syrian camps have become breeding grounds for the next generation of ISIS terrorists.

According to the report, more than 8,000 children are being held in the two camps.

A majority of the children held at the compounds are under five-years-old, with more than 13,500 women and children in total reported at the sites since last March.

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RIA dubbed al-Hawl and al-Roj as the “perfect incubator” for young jihadists, with ISIS making them the focus of a recruitment drive.

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ISIS news: Children and women in Al-Hawl camp in SyriaISIS news: ISIS camps in Syria have been touted as breeding grounds fro new jihadi children (Image: GETTY)

ISIS news: A woman in Al-Hawl camp in SyriaISIS news: Around 35 British children and 15 women are allegedly being detained in the camps (Image: GETTY)

Caged Pearls, an alleged ISIS-affiliated recruitment group, boated al-Hawl was “the cradle of the new Caliphate”.

Other social media posts from affiliated pages said children in the compounds were the “mini-mujahideen” of the future.

The RIA report also attacks the UK Government for its attitude to British nationals being held in the camps.

It alleges British intelligence officials enter the camps regularly to identify individuals, only to then strip them of their UK citizenship.

ISIS news: Women in Al-Hawl camp in SyriaISIS news: A RIA report fears the al-Hawl and al-Roj camps will be used to convert children into ISIS soldiers (Image: PA)

ISIS news: Children and women in Al-Hawl camp in SyriaISIS news: Terrorist-affiliated social media pages have touted the camps as central to the 'new Caliphate' (Image:

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