Statues of Churchill, Nelson and Gandhi could be REMOVED after new report

WINSTON CHURCHILL, Lord Nelson and Mahatma Gandhi are just some of the historical figures whose monuments and street signs could be removed from Wales after a new survey.

PUBLISHED: 04:46, Fri, Nov 27, 2020 | UPDATED: 04:46, Fri, Nov 27, 2020

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The report by the Welsh government assessed names that were “complicit” in slavery and colonialism in a bid to tackle racism and imperialism. The document comes after Black Lives Matter protests held in the summer saw monuments defaced and even a statue toppled by demonstrators in Bristol.


Monuments erected in honour of former Prime Minister Mr Churchill and war hero Lord Nelson were “brought into question”, according to the audit.

The author of the report explained that “some could be moved to museums so people can see the links”.

The report found Mr Churchill to be “widely hated in South Wales mining communities for his actions as Home Secretary during the Tonypandy riots”.

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It added that the wartime Prime Minister “expressed a belief in the superiority of the ‘Anglo-Saxon race’” and was “opposed to dismantling the British Empire”.

Statue of ChurchillStatues of Churchill, Nelson and Gandhi could be removed after new report (Image: Getty)

The audit also evaluates seven statues of Lord Nelson, as well as six buildings, 18 streets and numerous pubs named in his honour.

It found that despite being a “national hero”, as a Royal Navy officer he was “tasked with commanding naval vessels that protected ships in the triangular trade to and from the West Indies.”

The report added: “He is known from private correspondence to have opposed the abolition of the slave trade though he doesn’t appear to have done so publicly.”

According to the audit, Indian independence figure Mohandas “Mahatma” Gandhi, has also been pinpointed for “racism against Black South Africans”.

British history news: StatueThe author of the report explained that some statues 'could be moved to museums so people can see the links' (Image: Getty)

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