The Grinch 2: ‘Jim Carrey wanted for new live-action Christmas ...

Can you believe it’s been 20 years since Jim Carrey starred in Christmas movie The Grinch? While the film holds a rotten score of 49 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes, the movie is considered a Christmas cult classic by many fans today. Of course, this is mainly because of Carrey’s incredible comic performance of the big green Scrooge character.

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The story is based on ’ 1957 book How the Grinch Stole Christmas! which was first adapted as an animated TV special in 1966.

Produced by Looney Tunes legend Chuck Jones, the cartoon Grinch was narrated by horror legend Boris Karloff.

Then, after Carrey’s 2000 live-action movie directed by Ron Howard, a CGI version hit cinemas in 2018 starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the mean misanthrope.

But now a new report claims Carrey is wanted for a live-action follow-up, so could The Grinch 2 really be on the way?

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jim carrey and the grinchThe Grinch 2: ‘Jim Carrey wanted for new live-action Christmas movie’ (Image: GETTY)

grinch and maxJim Carrey had to endure very uncomfortable prosthetics on The Grinch (Image: GETTY)

The Grinch quiz - How well do you know The Grinch?

According to respected insider Daniel Richtman, Universal are working on a another live-action Grinch movie and they want Carrey to return.

He wrote: “New Grinch live-action movie

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