backing Proud Boys threaten ARMED REVOLT over US election result - ...

DONALD supporting white supremacist group Proud Boys have taken part in a "Stop The Steal" rally in Phoenix, Arizona yesterday, with one of the members threatening an armed revolt.

PUBLISHED: 02:45, Tue, Dec 1, 2020 | UPDATED: 02:45, Tue, Dec 1, 2020

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The rally took place outside the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Phoenix, where Rudy Giuliani, Mr ’s personal attorney, and Republican lawmakers were meeting. Mr lost the US election to Joe Biden with 232 electoral college votes to the former Vice President’s 306. Despite this, Mr had refused to concede to the Democrat, claiming the election was “rigged” without evidence.


During the “Stop The Steal” rally, a member of the Proud Boys told the crowd to fight back against the result of the election.

He said: “This is the moment that we've got to fight back."

"At the moment, we're free. But the moment they start trying to take our Constitution is the moment the Second Amendment kicks in.

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"It's the moment where we've got to start telling them, we're not taking it anymore.”

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Donald Trump news: Million MAGA March in Washington and Donald TrumpDonald news: Proud Boys Members have threatened an armed revolt over the US election (Image: PA)

Donald Trump news: Proud Boys speaking outside of the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Phoenix, ArizonaDonald news: The Proud Boys spoke outside of the Hyatt Regency Hotel, where a meeting was taking place over Arizona's election results (Image: TWITTER / @BGOnTheScene)

The Proud Boy member then said the group were not going to “stand back and stand by” after the election result.

He added: ‘“We're standing up and going after you if you come after us.”

The speaker was referencing Mr ’s comments on the outfit when asked to condemn white supremacists and hate groups during the first presidential debate.

When asked by moderator Chris Wallace to condemn the Proud Boys, the President said: “Proud Boys – stand back and stand by.

“But I’ll tell you what. I’ll tell you what. Somebody’s got to do something about Antifa and the left because this is not a rightwing problem.”

Donald Trump news: Proud Boys in Washington during the Million MAGA MarchDonald news: The Proud Boys have been classified as an 'extremist' group by the FBI since 2018 (Image: PA)

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Donald Trump news: The President returning to the White HouseDonald news: The President told

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