Brexit backlash: Boris Johnson 'forced to cave to EU' as Tories fear Joe Biden

BREXIT trade talks could result in Boris Johnson making concessions to the EU as Conservative Party MPs fear President-elect Joe Biden.

PUBLISHED: 09:54, Tue, Dec 1, 2020 | UPDATED: 10:46, Tue, Dec 1, 2020

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Joe Biden piled the pressure on Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the lead-up to his eventual US election victory last month. While campaigning, the Democrat criticised the UK for its approach to Brexit as the Government infuriated the EU with the Internal Market Bill. Mr Johnson wanted to make changes to the already agreed Northern Ireland protocol, sparking a legal challenge from the European Commission. The now US President-elect warned Mr Johnson that peace on the island of Ireland – preserved by the Good Friday Agreement – must not be a "casualty" of Brexit.


Mr Biden's stance on Britain leaving the EU could force Mr Johnson into painful concessions, some Tories fear, as the US election result looks poised to hand Brussels' negotiator Michel Barnier a key advantage.

Pro-EU Conservatives are concerned that a no deal outcome will lead to tension between London and Washington and put the 'special relationship' at risk.

Baroness Nicky Morgan warned earlier this month that Mr Johnson may need a deal with the EU soon to save the relationship with the US.

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She said: “I think the PM will not want the first conversation he has with Biden to be about Northern Ireland, Brexit and no deal. Getting a deal will make that conversation much easier.”

Expert on US politics, Dr Nigel Bowles, told that Mr Johnson will have to make concessions to the EU in order to ensure the UK keeps hopes of a US trade deal alive.

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Brexit news: Boris JohnsonBrexit news: Boris Johnson wants a US trade deal (Image: Sky)

The Oxford University academic said: "A trade deal can be done, but any Prime Minister who calculated that either a US President would fold on the Good Friday Agreement, and fold on the EU agreement on the border,

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