Thor Ragnarok theory: Hela could easily CRUSH Mjölnir because of Odin's death ...

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Up until Thor Ragnarok, the Asgardian Avenger was swinging his hammer Mjölnir all over the place, smashing villains and flying around. However, the Thor threequel saw his sister Hela catch and crush the weapon with ease. And now a popular new fan theory argues the reason was that with Odin’s death the indestructibility enchantments on Mjölnir were lifted.

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Reddit user The Ordinary Critic wrote: “First we need to review why Mjölnir is so strong in the first place.

“The hammer was forged in the heart of a dying star by the dwarves in Nidavellir. This alone makes the hammer incredibly powerful, but wait, there’s more!

“Mjölnir also benefited from a host of enchantments from the All-Father himself. The hammer had an enchantment of controllable infinite density, and a clause that only those deemed worthy could wield the weapon.”

But then right before Odin’s death, he warns his sons Thor and Loki that he can no longer protect them from their sister Hela who he had sealed away years before.

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hela with hammerThor Ragnarok theory: Hela could easily CRUSH Mjölnir because of Odin's death (Image: MARVEL)

odinOdin in Thor Ragnarok before his death (Image: MARVEL)

Thor Love and Thunder theory: Hela didn't destroy Mjölnir, Cap took it

The theorist continued: “Odin knows that when he dies his magic will be lifted, and Hela will be [able to] break free from the dark magic that imprisoned her.

“What he didn’t tell Thor is that Odin’s enchantments on the Mjölnir will also be null after his death.”

Of course, Thor’s hammer is still incredibly powerful, but no longer the invincible weapon it once was.

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