China accused of ‘flagrant’ snub of sanctions on North Korea by US official

CHINA has been accused of a "flagrant violation" of international sanctions on North Korea by a US official, who has offered millions of dollars as a reward for information.

PUBLISHED: 04:00, Thu, Dec 3, 2020 | UPDATED: 04:01, Thu, Dec 3, 2020

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Alex Wong, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of North Korea, has accused Beijing of circumventing sanctions aimed at convincing Kim Jong-un’s nation to give up its nuclear weapons. President Donald has piled sanctions on North Korea after efforts at diplomacy failed to prevent the country from pushing forward with its development of nuclear missiles. In 2017, the United Nations (UN) passed sanctions limiting North Korean crude oil and refined petroleum product imports to 500,000 barrels per year and banned the export of food, machinery and electrical equipment among other measures.


Mr Wong claimed China had continued to host at least 20,000 North Korean labourers in violation of UN bans.

In addition, the deputy claimed the US spotted Chinese ships carrying coal and other sanctioned goods into North Korea in spite of laws prohibiting it on 555 separate occasions.

Mr Wong spoke to Washington’s Centre for Strategic and International Studies about the alleged violations and claimed “on none of these occasions (…) did the Chinese authorities act to stop these illicit imports.

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He then added China currently hosts at least two dozen North Korean representatives connected to Pyongyang’s weapons programs.

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China news: Xi Jinping, Kim Jong-un and Donald TrumpChina news: A US official has accused Beijing of ignoring UN sanctions on North Korea (Image: PA)

China news: Alex Wong in a US official meetingChina news: Alex Wong has said Beijing has made constant 'flagrant violations' of UN sanctions on North Korea (Image: PA)

The deputy officials then blasted China for “increasingly” allowing its companies to conduct trade with North Korea on a variety of sanctioned goods.

He said: “In no other country do we see this breadth and depth of continuing illicit commercial activity with North Korea, the scale of which puts China in flagrant violation of its obligations.

“They are seeking to revive trade links and revenue transfers to the North, thereby ensuring Chinese reach into the North’s economy.”

Mr Wong then announced the State Department will launch a website for people to provide information on North Korean sanction evasions, with up to $5 million available in rewards.

China news: A Container port throughout of Ningbo Zhoushan PortChina news: The deputy claimed Chinese ships carrying sanctioned goods have been spotted entering North Korea 555 times (Image: PA)

China news: Kim Jong-un in a politburo meetingChina news: Beijing's foreign ministry spokesman said countries should consider the 'negative impact

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