's final goodbye: #Iran bracing for US attack after assassination - 'They ...

IRANIANS are becoming increasingly concerned at the prospect of Donald using his final days in office to launch an attack on their country following the assassination of nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, experts have said.

PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 07:00, Sat, Dec 5, 2020

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And Tehran is counting down the days until January 20 and the inauguration of President-Elect Joe Biden, at which point the regime of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani will hope to reset relations with Washington, they added. The circumstances behind Mr Fakhrizadeh's death on Friday are still emerging - but Iran has accused Israel of having dispatched operatives to kill him.


Pictures of the 62-year-old's bullet-ridden car have been widely circulated in international media - although there have also been suggestions he was killed by a "remote-controlled device".

Israel accused Mr Fakhrizadeh of being the mastermind of Iran's clandestine nuclear weapons programme.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu specifically named him in the course of a presentation delivered days before Mr confirmed he was pulled the US out of the landmark JPOCA agreement aimed at preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons, claiming multiple violations.

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However, after the attack Israeli cabinet minister Tzachi Hanegbi insisted: "I have no clue who did it.

"It's not that my lips are sealed because I’m being responsible, I simply really have no clue."

Donald Trump IranIranians fear Donald may send them "a final goodbye", said Dr Van Engeland (Image: GETTY)

Iranian MPsIranian MPs chant "death to America" this week (Image: Youtube)

Dr Anicee Van Engeland, a Senior Lecturer in International Security and Law at the Center for International and Regional Studies (CIRS), told Express.co.uk with less than 50 days to go before he is due to quit the White House, there was mounting concern at the prospect of " unleashed".

Referring to the US drone strike which killed the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps's Quds force in January, she explained: "The population was absolutely enraged by the assassination of Qassem Soleimani.

"This time they are enraged - but they are also worried.

"There is a lot of anxiety because apparently Donald was thinking of attacking Iran.

"Donald does not have any ideology.

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Mohsen FakhrizadehMohsen Fakhrizadeh (Image: GETTY)

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This time they are enraged - but they are also worried

Dr Anicee Van Engeland

"The only thing that matters to Donald is money - what he can get from it financially.

"So the question is what he would gain from this, from starting a war in the region."

The concern within Iran centred on the idea Mr was considering targeting their country "as a sort of final goodbye or parting gift", she added.

Asked about Israel, she said: "It is difficult to reach a conclusion about Israeli involvement but it is a strong possibility."

As such, it was unlikely such an operation would have been

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