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Matt Hancock grilled by host on 'delay' in imposing national lockdown

As the rate of infection rises, Susanna Reid demanded answers from Matt Hancock over reports another national lockdown is imminent. Speaking on Good Morning Britain, the Health Secretary assured the host the government would “act quickly” to do all they can to suppress Covid-19 and the rising rates of infection, particularly in Tier 3 areas. Not satisfied with his responses, Reid demanded to know why the country not already under the strictest restrictions.

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“Clearly the great challenge of the next couple of months is we’ve got to control the virus while we get this vaccine rolled out,” Hancock remarked.

“That’s been the strategy all along. It’s great news today, it’s great news, the vaccine is already injected into people’s arms. I’m so proud this British success is here.”

Piers Morgan pointed out: “You say the challenge is to control the virus, you’re lost control of this variant.”

Hancock hit back, explaining the new variant of the virus spreads much quicker, adding: “You need to come into contact with only a small amount.”

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Susanna Reid Matt Hancock'Why are you not locking down?' Susanna Reid pushes Hancock on rising Covid infection rate (Image: ITV)

Piers Morgan Susanna Reid Matt HancockUK lockdown: Susanna Reid demanded to know if there would be another national lockdown (Image: ITV)

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Wanting to know what measures were in place to stop the new variant, Reid asked: “Tier 4 is not suppressing this virus, why are you not locking down?

“We known we can suppress this virus if we go into a national lockdown.”

“We had those measures calibrated against the old variant,” Hancock replied. “There are parts of the country where this is rising the fastest. We are prepared to take the sort of action…”

He was cut off as Morgan

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