Julian Assange court case: Wikileaks founder WON'T be extradited to US, says UK ...

JULIAN ASSANGE will not be extradited back to the US to face trial on accusations of violating the Espionage Act, a UK judge has said.

PUBLISHED: 09:56, Mon, Jan 4, 2021 | UPDATED: 12:58, Mon, Jan 4, 2021

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The WikiLeaks founder, who is currently being detained at Belmarsh prison, appeared before the Old Bailey this morning as District Judge Vanessa Baraitser delivered her judgement. The judge announced the extradition request had been denied, giving the US 14 days to appeal the judgement. Mr Assange, 49, sat in the dock as the verdict was delivered, wearing a blue suit and a green face mask.


The US have already announced they will be appealing the judgement.

Mr Assange shall remain in custody for the time being but a bail hearing is imminent.

The judge gave a lengthy judgement in the court today, where she outlined the case against Mr Assange.

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Ms Baraitser said Mr Assange is not protected by the current US/UK treaty and the Extradition Act 2003, which does not protect against prosecution for political offences.

She said the crimes the WikiLeaks founder is accused of constitute a political offence and the alleged activities went beyond the activity of a journalist, noting the alleged password-cracking conspiracy.

The District Judge said Mr Assange went beyond investigative journalism as he was trying to obtain information by hacking.

julian assange court case latest us extraditionJulian Assange will not be extradited back to the US, a judge has found (Image: Getty)

julian assange news court case extraditionPeople surround one of the vans carrying Julian Assange as he is taken to the Old Bailey on January 4 (Image: Getty)

She said free speech rights do not provide "unfettered discretion by Mr Assange to decide what he’s going to publish" and also noted the Australian national would likely be found in violation of the Official Secrets Act if tried in the UK. 

Judge Baraitser told the court constitutional and procedural protections will be applied to Mr Assange's trial to ensure it is a fair trial.

She added that a US court will ensure the WikiLeaks founder gets the legal protections in the constitution.

But the judge then discussed Mr Assange's final defence, that of health grounds. 

She acknowledged Mr Assange suffers from autism, clinical depression and is at risk of self-harm.

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While awaiting trial in the US, the

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