Germany warns of 'brutal damage' to its industries as Brexit deal condemned

BREXIT is well and truly a reality after the UK's trade deal with the EU came into place on January 1 - but concern remains in Germany as figures warn of "enormous damage" to the country's industries.

PUBLISHED: 17:43, Mon, Jan 4, 2021 | UPDATED: 17:43, Mon, Jan 4, 2021

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Brexit: Germany 'will support agreement' says spokeswoman

Many in Europe were relieved that a deal was reached with just days remaining, as business had warned of the catastrophic consequences of a no deal Brexit. One country with more at stake than most was Germany, whose cars are exported to the UK more than any other country. About one in seven cars made in Germany are sold in Britain, meaning a trading arrangement was clamoured for in Berlin in order to prevent a crisis in the country's automotive industry. But, despite Prime Minister Boris Johnson and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen's positivity, concern remains in Germany.


German magazine Der Spiegel wrote in the aftermath of the trade deal late last month that the deal agreed is still comparable to a hard Brexit.

It added that "brutal consequences" were around the corner and that "the new year will be a hard wake up call."

The magazine also said "the damage to companies will be enormous, but it is ordinary citizens who will pay the highest price."

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In 2016, Britain was the largest single export market for German manufacturers, who sold 800,000 new cars there, or 20 percent of their overall global exports.

Brexit news: Merkel JohnsonBrexit news: Merkel could face pressure from the automotive industry (Image: getty)

Brexit news: The UK is a kay trading partner for GermanyBrexit news: The UK is a kay trading partner for Germany (Image: getty)

Felix Schoenherr of Werte Union – a group within Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union that has previously criticised the German Chancellor – told earlier this year of how the German car industry wants to hold on to British trade.

He said in March: "It's mainly exports, of course the UK is an important market, so we are dependent on that trade relationship as well as our trade with the US, also to China. So this is an issue.

“I think from a German economic perspective the UK is a very important

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