Andrew Neil shuts down doubting remoaners as non-EU markets appetite for ...

ANDREW NEIL rubbished a remaoner's tweet doubting Britain's power to trade with non-EU countries, pointing out an undeniable "appetite" for UK services after Brexit.

PUBLISHED: 05:10, Tue, Jan 5, 2021 | UPDATED: 05:10, Tue, Jan 5, 2021

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The former BBC presenter responded to a Twitter user who claimed he was “ignoring the experts” on the UK’s potential services for Asian imports post-Brexit. The social media user claimed Mr Neil could not name the services Britain could provide to Asian countries after ending the transition period on January 1.


Mr Neil responded the message by pointing out 60 percent of the UK’s pre-coronavirus service exports were to non-EU countries.

He said: “Pre-Covid we exported over £300bn/year in services, 60% to non-EU, running large surplus in services.

“Both overall total and non-EU share growing rapidly year on year.

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“Financial, business, telecoms, software, travel, transport, information.”

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Brexit news:Brexit news: Andrew Neil has rubbished claims the UK's service industry will suffer post-Brexit (Image: BBC / TWITTER)

Brexit news:Brexit news: Responding to a Twitter user, Andrew Neil said the non-EU markets for the service industry are growing (Image: TWITTER)

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Spelling out Britain’s next markets, Mr Neil continued to suggest non-EU markets are growing.

He added: “The non-EU markets we sold into were growing fast and will grow even faster in the 2020s.

“And as they get richer so will their appetite for the sort of sophisticated services we’re already providing.”

When another Twitter user pointed out the Office of National Statistics on international service trading in 2018 said

Europe was the largest export market for the UK, Mr Neil added: “The ONS excludes travel, transport and banking.”

Brexit news:Brexit news: Andrew Neil also pointed out ONS statistics on international service trading 'excludes travel, transport and banking' (Image: PA)

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Brexit news:Brexit news: The UK's trade deal with the EU does not cover financial market access and other services (Image: EXPRESS)

Another Twitter user suggested London

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