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Beat the Chasers: Contestant wins £50,000

Beat the Chasers fans were not impressed with the latest instalment which saw Kat win £50,000 as she took on Jenny Ryan, Paul Sinha, Mark Labbett, Anne Hegerty and Shaun Wallace. The contestant had 60 seconds on the clock while the quizzing experts had just 40 seconds. In a dramatic final round, Kat managed to beat all five of the Chasers with 20 seconds to spare. While many viewers were impressed with Kat’s performance, others took to Twitter to brand the instalment a “fix”.

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Kat, an accountant from Essex, risked it all as she took on all five of the chasers in a bid to win big so she could have the of her dreams.

The contestant admitted she had not prepared for her appearance on the show as she was “so stressed”.

However it seems her approach paid off as she managed to bag a jackpot of £50,000.

Fans rushed to Twitter to slam the episode as many claimed she was given “easy questions” at the start of the final round.

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Kat and Jenny RyanBeat the Chasers branded a 'fix' by ITV viewers after £50K win: 'Are you kidding me?' (Image: ITV)

Kat and Bradley WalshBeat the Chasers player Kat gambled everything to take on all five quizzing experts (Image: ITV)

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“As if that last one with Kat wasn't rigged with those easy questions at the start so she Wins 50k,” one viewer posted on social media. “Didn't even know what a pride of animals was... Deer."

Another added: “Bloody load of s***e how a dumb f**k like Kat only answers 3 questions right

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