Julian Assange bail REJECTED: UK court refuses to release Wikileaks founder ...

JULIAN ASSANGE has once again had his bail request rejected by an English judge, who deems the WikiLeaks founder too much of a flight risk to grant him freedom.

PUBLISHED: 11:08, Wed, Jan 6, 2021 | UPDATED: 12:13, Wed, Jan 6, 2021

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District Judge Vanessa Baraitser concluded the hour-long hearing at Westminster Magistrate's Court by denying the bail request. She told the court: "I am satisfied that there are substantial grounds for believing that if Mr Assange is released today he would fail to surrender to court to face the appeal proceedings." As a result Mr Assange will be remanded in custody until the outcome of the US government's appeal against a decision to block his extradition. 


Mr Assange's legal team had renewed hope his bail request would be granted today, after Judge Baraitser denied the US' extradition request on Monday. 

During the bail hearing, his lawyers emphasised Mr Assange's new family ties here in the UK revolving around the two young children he has fathered with his partner, Stella Moris.

His legal team asked for him to be bailed to the couple's home address.

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But the US insisted Mr Assange has previously shown himself willing to skip bail – as he did in 2012 when he sought asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy – and go to “extraordinary length” to avoid a criminal trial.

julian assange news bail hearing freeJulian Assange has once again had its bail request rejected by an English judge (Image: Getty)

julian assange bail hearing newsPolice speak to a supporter of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange outside Westminster Magistrates (Image: Getty)

Clair Dobbin, for the US government, told the court the history of Mr Assange's case demonstrated that he "regards himself as above the law and no cost is too great, whether that cost be to himself or others".

The lawyer added: "Given Mr Assange's conduct, there is no surety that would secure his attendance."

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