NHS staff in tears in horrifying scenes of Covid wards 'This is young people in ...

NHS staff left in tears in horrifying BBC report (Image: BBC)

A horrifying BBC report has shown the extent of how stretched the NHS is during the fight against the deadly coronavirus pandemic. Nurses and doctors at the University College Hospital in London are stretched thin and many have been left scared and in tears.

Ashleigh Shillingford, deputy sister, said: "My emotions are all over the place. Scared, sad, petrified, worried.

"We are so stretch we have prioritise.

"And prioritising care is not what the NHS I grew up in.

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"We should not have to choose which patient gets what care first.

"People are asking for your help but you just don’t know who to help first.

"The patients are losing their lives at a dramatic speed. We are not just getting old people, this is young people we are getting, people my age."

Dr Jim Down, Consultant at the University College Hospital, added: “We’ve got three times as many critically ill patients in this hospital than we normally have and we’ve managed to stretch and spread to cover that but that cannot go on forever. 

“We have plans to expand for another week but after that we really need to see it slow down or we are going to see the care we can offer suffer, I think.

"These are really serious consequences and if we get to that point we cannot offer anyone ICU, not just Covid patients but anyone who has a traffic accident or a heart attack or a stroke or whatever it is.

"We just

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