#BeatTheChasers star Shaun Wallace admits he wanted contestant to win

Beat the Chasers: Bradley Walsh mocks Shaun Wallace

Beat The Chasers returned with a vengeance last week, and the popular ITV show has already seen hopefuls walk away with some big money jackpots after taking on the stars of the original quiz show, The Chase. While the aim of the game is for the chasers to get the contestant to walk away empty handed, Shaun Wallace revealed there was a moment he was actually rooting for one of the players to win against them.

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I really did want him to win

Shaun Wallace

In a recent interview with ITV ahead of the first episode of the new series, he spoke of his heartbreak as the contestant lost out.

"There’s a young guy who missed out on a big sum of money," he said.

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"I really did want him to win. All he needed was one correct answer and he got a few wrong in a row."

He added: "It was heart-breaking to see."

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Shaun Wallace admits he wanted Beat The Chasers player to winShaun Wallace admits he wanted Beat The Chasers player to win (Image: ITV)

Shaun told of his 'heartbreak' that the contestant he was rooting for lost outShaun told of his 'heartbreak' that the contestant he was rooting for lost out (Image: ITV)

Mark Labbett apologises to Shaun Wallace on Beat the Chasers

Not wanting to spoil what was to come, Shaun didn't disclose the amount the contestant lost or their name, but by putting two and two together we might have identified who he was referring to...

Contestant Rahim appeared on the show on Sunday evening and he instantly captured the hearts of viewers and host Bradley Walsh.

The student decided to take on all five of the chasers at once for the jackpot prize of £100,000, only to be caught out at the last minute.

Commended for bravery, the

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