'Boris has been in touch with Biden' Priti Patel gives latest on Joe Biden US ...

PRITI PATEL has confirmed Boris Johnson has been directly in touch with US President Joe Biden to discuss a post-Brexit trade deal between Britain and America.

PUBLISHED: 09:06, Thu, Jan 7, 2021 | UPDATED: 09:43, Thu, Jan 7, 2021

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Boris Johnson 'has been in touch' with Joe Biden says Patel

The Home Secretary was asked by ITV Good Morning Britain hosts to give an update on the future post-Brexit relationship planned by Boris Johnson with the US now that Joe Biden has finally been declared the new US President. Priti Patel said: "America is one of our strongest allies in the world, there is no question about that. As a Government, we've obviously followed the US presidential elections.


"The Prime Minister himself has been in touch with President-elect Biden's team and I think directly with President Biden.

"We have a shared agenda, and it's not just on trade, there are so many other issues.

"On the security of our world, on the security of our nations - something that obviously is very clear in terms of my own remit.

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"When it comes to some of the big global challenges around climate for example.

"And yes, when it comes to trade and free trade and openness, how our democracies can work together and work for each other.

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brexit news joe biden priti patel boris johnson us trade dealBrexit news: Priti Patel confirms Boris Johnson has been in touch with Biden over trade deal talks (Image: ITV)

joe biden us president mike pence donald trumpJoe Biden was finally confirmed the new US President (Image: GETTY)

"Particularly through these challenging times of a global pandemic. We'll stand shoulder to shoulder with our strong ally and that will continue with whoever is in charge and clearly that will be President Biden.

"We look forward to getting on, solidifying that relationship. Becoming a force for good on some of these big global challenges we face and the US faces."

The Home Secretary has blamed Donald 's incendiary comments for directly provoking violence from a mob loyal to the president as they stormed the US Capitol in an attempt to overturn the election and prevent Joe Biden taking to the White House.

Ms Patel said the Republican's statement in which he said "We love you" to the rioters and

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