Everything you need to know about the real Ajay Chowdhury in #TheSerpent

THE SERPENT is the gripping true-crime drama about French serial killer Charles Sobhraj. Viewers of the series are curious to know what happened to Ajay Chowdhury, Sobhraj's "brother" and accomplice. What happened to Ajay? Is he still alive?

PUBLISHED: 14:00, Fri, Jan 8, 2021 | UPDATED: 14:05, Fri, Jan 8, 2021

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The Serpent: Jenna Coleman stars in BBC series trailer

All eight episodes of The Serpent are streaming on the BBC iPlayer now, with instalments airing every Sunday on BBC One at 9pm. Amesh Edireweera portrays Ajay Chowdhury in The Serpent and episode six is the last time viewers see him on screen. What happened to Ajay Chowdhury? Is he still alive? Express.co.uk has everything you need to know.


WARNING: This article contains spoilers from The Serpent

What happened to Ajay Chowdhury?

Ajay was the real Charles Sobhraj's (played by Tahir Rahim) second-in-command.

The pair met in Thailand and Ajay, a fellow criminal, became a loyal follower of Charles.

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The Serpent: Ajay ChowdhuryThe Serpent: Ajay Chowdhury worked with Charles Sobhraj (Image: BBC)

The Serpent: Ajay Chowdhury dead aliveThe Serpent: Ajay Chowdhury's wherabouts remain unknown (Image: BBC)

The Serpent: What happened to Dominique? Where is he now?

In The Serpent, Ajay assists Charles, who is going by the name Alain, in carrying out the killings and is seen committing murder alongside him.

The real Charles and Ajay are believed to have carried out their first known murders in 1975 and before then had committed a string of robberies by drugging their victims.

Chowdhury is suspected of burning victims' bodies to prevent quick identification, according to Nepal police and Interpol.

As seen in The Serpent, Charles and Ajay's first known murder victim was American tourist Teresa Knowlton (Alice Englert), who was found drowned in a tidal pool in the Gulf of Thailand.

The Serpent: The Serpent episodesThe Serpent: There are 8 episodes in The Serpent (Image: BBC)

When Alain, his fiancée Marie-Andrée Leclerc/Monique (Jenna Coleman) and Ajay visit Nepal in episode five of The Serpent, Alain begins to question his friend's loyalty after he spends the evening with a backpacker - without killing her or robbing her of her belongings.

When Alain finds Ajay sleeping next to her the following morning, he tearfully pleaded: "Don't hurt her.

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