Bradley Walsh warns #BeattheChasers player after ‘awkward’ exchange 'I'll ...

Beat The Chasers: Bradley jokes about 'booting off' contestant

Bradley Walsh welcomed physics graduate Beth onto Beat the Chasers this evening as she joined a host of contestants hoping to win money on the ITV show. However, ITV viewers couldn’t help but comment on the “awkward” nature of Beth and the host’s conversation as Bradley issued a light-hearted warning to the player. 

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Introducing herself, Beth said: “I’m a physics graduate which is another way of saying I’m unemployed.”

The contestant then revealed her hobbies included her two pet guinea pigs. 

“Will they be watching?” Bradley asked and she replied: “I doubt it.”

“Why because they’re Peruvian, they don’t understand?” the host joked. 

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Beat the ChasersBeat the Chasers: Bradley Walsh warned Beth he'd have to "boot her off the show" (Image: ITV)

Beat the ChasersBeat the Chasers: Beth and Bradley's conversation was branded 'awkward' (Image: ITV)

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“Yes that’s it,” she replied in a dead-pan manner. 

“If you were to win some money tonight what would you do with it?” Bradley asked. 

“Depending on how much I won, maybe get a nice run for my guinea pigs. Some nice ,” the player answered. 

“Get them some , like a car?” Bradley quipped. 

Beat the ChasersBeat the Chasers: Beth and Bradley didn't seem to understand each other (Image: ITV)

Beat the ChasersBeat the Chasers: Beth was beaten by

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