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I haven’t felt the inclination to do so, even for the sake of this piece of writing; his words angered me too greatly. The strange thing is that, fundamentally, I agreed his message – that we should all stay at home for the sake of others. Whether you tiptoe around COVID and wear a mask on every short jaunt you take, or laugh in the face of it and declare it an invention by the Government for the purpose of mass control, refusing to socially distance, or follow the simplest of rules is an act of sheer selfishness. The reason I say this is that standing a metre or two further away from the soul waiting next to you in the post office queue costs you nothing.

Understandably, if you are living in complete isolation because of the restrictions, or losing your business, or struggling through involuntary home-schooling of your difficult darlings, it costs you a great deal more.

But staying a few feet further back from a stranger doesn’t cost you a thing. I’m an advocate of social distancing, even for those that believe COVID is nothing but a conspiracy, because what is the worst it can do?

Giving people their space and not moving in front of them to grab something from a shelf as their eyes search for their preferred choice of milk is mannerly, virus or no virus.

And I think it wouldn’t hurt for the newer generations to learn a few basic manners.

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I say that like a world-worn pensioner, but I’m 33 and even I have seen a rapid decline in politeness in my years spent on this great blue and green globe.

Returning to the original sentiment of my post, Piers Morgan’s words struck something sore inside me.

I’m a single parent, attempting to home-school and find time for my own writing.

I haven’t spent time with my family in half a year as they have formed a bubble that excludes me (for medical reasons.)

The father of my children lives in America and is doing whatever he chooses to do with his 24 hours of each day. And that was why the words were so cutting.

“You’re not having to risk your life in the trenches, you’re being asked to go home and watch telly.”

That might be

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