Here's what Ning and Mark from #MAFSAustralia are up to now

NING AND MARK joined the cast of reality series Married At First Sight Australia in season 6, which was first aired back in 2019. Are Ning and Mark still together?

PUBLISHED: 11:18, Mon, Jan 11, 2021 | UPDATED: 11:18, Mon, Jan 11, 2021

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Ning and Mark became the sixth couple to tie the knot on the Australian version of Married At First Sight. The unique reality series follows singletons who have been paired up by a panel of experts to see if love at first sight is real. has all you need to know about where Ning and Mark are now.

Are Ning and Mark still together?

Ning Surasiang, 32, was paired with Mark Scrivens who was 10 years her elder.

Ning was a hairdresser from Townsville in Queensland, whereas Mark, 42, was ex-army personnel from Melbourne.

The panel of relationship experts had a difficult time trying to find someone for single mum Ning, who admitted she had trust issues.

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They believed they had found the perfect match for her in fitness coach Mark, who had finally settled down following his career in the army.

Both Ning and Mark had to "marry" during a commitment ceremony, before ever having had the chance to meet.

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Ning and Mark MAFSA: Ning and MarkNing and Mark MAFSA: Mark broke up with Ning (Image: Channel 4)

Ning and Mark MAFSA: On the sofaNing and Mark MAFSA: The couple catching up (Image: Nine Network)

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They spent their honeymoon in Bangkok, but sadly it was not meant to be and they decided to end their relationship before the end of the experiment.

They remain separated to this day, and things did not end well for the couple when it came to saying their final vows.

Ning decided she wanted to stay with Mark, but unfortunately, he did not have the same feelings for her.

He said he had come on the show to find love but had not managed to find it with her and he was not in the relationship enough for it to continue any longer.

Ning did not take the news well, and she discarded her vows before leaving in tears.

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Ning and Mark MAFSA: Final vowsNing and Mark MAFSA: Mark did not go through with the

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