Eddie Hall weight loss: Strongman's 'easy' routine to shed 1kg a week without ...

Eddie Hall bench presses four people

The former World’s Strongest Man is best known for breaking the deadlift record by lifting 500kg – a move that saw him pass out. After retiring from the competition over health fears, the 32-year-old from Stoke-on-Trent set himself a new challenge – stepping in the ring for a boxing match with Game of Thrones star Hafthor Bjornsson. Posting on Instagram last week, Eddie – nicknamed ‘The Beast’ – said he has lost almost six stone in three years.

In 2017, Eddie tipped the scales at 197kg but now is a much leaner figure at 161kg.

But the vast amount of his weight loss came in a short period of time.

In 2018, he said: "Today I weighed 164kg, meaning I’ve lost 32kg since I won World’s Strongest Man.

“Working my b******s off to succeed on another mission.

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Eddie Hall has lost a stunning amount of weightEddie Hall has lost a stunning amount of weight (Image: INSTAGRAM)

Eddie has been practising boxingEddie has been learning how to box (Image: INSTAGRAM)

"My next goal is another huge one and I’m attacking it like I did with strongman – I'll let you all know soon enough what it is.”

In just over two months Eddie lost 8kg – almost a kilo a week.

And he gave some insight into just what he did.

He said: “Been training really hard recently and I’m mega fired and hungry for success.

“Doing five cardio sessions a week – including boxing, cycling, swimming, and HIIT land training.

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Eddie HallEddie Hall has been eating 7,000 calories a day (Image: INSTAGRAM)

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“On top of four weight sessions.”

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