'We're still under the jackboot!' Britons furious at EU tariff threat

Brexit: Ben Habib warns of ‘risk’ of increased EU alignment

Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier hinted Britain risked falling too far below European standards and being stripped of its zero-tariff and zero-quota trade deal with the bloc over its emergency-use authorisation of neonicotinoid pesticides. Senior Tory backbenchers urged Boris Johnson to face down the scare tactics or risk becoming trapped in swathes of EU red tape.

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The UK should have made a clean break from the EU. We are still under the jackboot

Express.co.uk reader

And the warnings from Brussels have sparked outrage in across the UK.

One furious Brexiteer said: "The hypocrisy of the EU is breathtaking.

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"They were so arrogant when dealing with David Cameron and not prepared to make any concessions to the UK.

"They thought we would never leave. If they had only listened. Brexit is their fault."

Michel BarnierMichel Barnier has threatened the UK with punishment tariffs (Image: PA)

Another EU critic said: "The EU is a joke - there’s got to be consequences to Brexit. With friends like them who needs enemies? Scrap this debacle of a deal now."

And another said: "Play their game. Ban it here and ban EU food imports from the 11 EU countries that still use it."

Some people said Mr Barnier's tariffs threat were

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