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The Masked Singer: Joel Dommett says 'I don't have to guess’

Blob will take to the stage for a second time with The Masked Singer fans being given another chance to try and work out who is under the bizarre costume. Many fans of the popular ITV series are certain comedian Sir Lenny Henry is hiding underneath after spotting a clue about his acting career.

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Ahead of Blob’s first appearance on The Masked Singer, viewers were given a a few clues to help with their guesses.

In the VT before their performance, Blob explained they have four eyes, hinting they wear glasses.

However, fans believe it may be a reference to one of Sir Lenny’s former characters - Trevor McDoughnut.

Trevor wore huge glasses and was part of a parody of news readers Trevor McDonald.

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Blob Masked Singer Joel DommettThe Masked Singer: Blob’s identity exposed as eagle-eyed viewers spot secret clue (Image: ITV)

Sir Lenny HenryThe Masked Singer: Fans think Sir Lenny Henry is posing as Blob (Image: GETTY)

The Masked Singer UK 2021: Who has been unmasked so far?

In addition, Blob sounded a lot like the veteran actor and comedian making fans certain Sir Lenny is under the costume.

Taking to Twitter to comment, one viewer guessed: “The blob Lenny Henry he got slimed an his childrens show and the glasses represent when he impersonated Trevor McDonald#MaskedSinger.”

Another suggested: “Only one I’ve got is Lenny Henry as the blob, glasses clue is Trevor mcdonut, and he played a teacher in Hope & Glory #MaskedSinger.”

“Wait a minute, the blob sounds like Sir @LennyHenry #maskedsinger the glasses thing may relate to Trevor McDonut,” a third posted.

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