Capcom teasing Resident Evil PS1 Trilogy Remaster? RE Showcase reveal predicted

Resident Evil PS1 cover artCapcom could be teasing a remaster of the original Resident Evil Trilogy from the PS1 era (Image: CAPCOM)

On January 21 Capcom will be broadcasting a Resident Evil Showcase, with the headline act being Resident Evil Village. Gameplay footage of Resident Evil 8 will be revealed during the event which kicks off at 10pm GMT. But that's not all, with a teaser video for the event revealing there will be other news about the Resident Evil franchise, with a logo for the 25th anniversary celebrations also popping up at one point.

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March marks 25 years since the original Resident Evil - arguably the most influential survival horror game of all time - first launched on the PS1.

This was followed by 1998's incredible Resident Evil 2 and by the more fast paced Resident Evil 3: Nemesis in 1999.

And fans have been left wondering whether recent Twitter activity is suggesting a remastered compilation of this trilogy is currently in the works.

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In the run-up to the Resident Evil Showcase the official Resident Evil Twitter has been posting videos of the inventory screen from the PS1 era games.

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But eagle-eyed fans have spotted there are subtle differences between the original PlayStation games from the 90s, and the ones shown in the videos posted on Twitter.

In a post online Rely on Horror have gone into depth about this, pointing out the differences in the inventories shown - particularly

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